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Basic Health CheckUps

The endless hours of our toil and hard work are all for a common reason, to build a comfortable life and provide for all the needs of our family. Yet we slack when it comes to our own health, which is the backbone of happiness and well being of the family. It’s time to stop putting health on the back burner and getting yourself and your loved ones checked up.
The basic health check up packages offered at Fayth Clinic helps in spotting diseases early on, which helps in taking appropriate treatment for cure before it aggravates into a major issue. Regular check-ups help in detecting the probability for diseases even before their onset. 

At this time when the rate of lifestyle and other associated diseases are on an all time high, regular health check-ups have grown to be a necessity. After all isn’t it better and more peaceful to ensure your healthy being rather than live under the fear of potential risks!
Many of us put off diagnostic check-ups just because of our reluctance to put them in our budgets. But remember, when compared to the cost of healthcare treatments today, this is a mere amount. We can save ourselves from grave physical, mental and financial agony by putting aside this well used sum towards regular health check up.You can approach online Fayth clinic for the best health checkup treatments with an affordable cost.

Basic Package at Fayth Clinic

The basic health check package offered at online Fayth Clinic store includes consultation with a physician along with all basic diagnosis check up tests for haematology, diabetes, kidney function, Lipid profile, liver and cardiac functions. Other tests included in the package include radiology tests, analysis of stool and so on. 

The package is offered at a nominal price of Rs. 2340. These can be brought online through the online health portal of Fayth Clinic. So, you are just a click away from taking charge of your health and wellbeing.

Online Fayth Clinic offers best health checkups and diagnostic services through their online health portal.

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