Early Detection, Better Treatment and Healthy Life

Finding diseases, medical disorders, conditions or abnormalities can be termed as health screening. It usually involves physical exams, blood tests, urine examination, radiology exams, medical tests etc. If your screening results are abnormal, you should follow-up with your doctor immediately even if you feel perfectly well. Early Treatment and good control of disease can result in better outcomes and prevent or delay serious complications.


Health screening is important because 
  • Find medical conditions or disease: Certain diseases or medical conditions can be diagnosed early while they are easier and less expensive to treat.
  • Learn about your risk factors for disease: A risk factor is a health condition or behavior that put one at medical risk. Knowing your risk factors let’s you make lifestyle changes that prevent the diseases.
  • Track your health: A history of screening test results helps you track and maintain your health over time.

Some of the Health Screening Tests are
Cholesterol measurements: It is basically done through blood tests. Those with higher levels of cholesterol have chances of affecting cardiovascular diseases.

Fecal occult blood test: Those with blood in their stool may have the cancerous growth. This test requires 3 samples of stool and is mostly recommended for people over the age of 50.

Pap test (also called Pap smears): In this test cells taken from the cervix of women to look for cancer and related diseases under the age of 65.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA)
: Through this test prostate specific antigen levels in the blood to check for cancer and other related activities.

: This test is done to find out the presence of breast cancer. Women over the age of 50 can do it once every two years as risk will increase with advancing age.

: This test is mainly recommended for people over the age of 50 for finding out any traces of colon cancer.

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