Lifestyle diseases have been one of the major concerns nowadays and have led to many complications if not treated at the right time. Lifestyle diseases mainly arise in an individual due to the exhausting style of living which can be due to personal, social, environmental reasons.

lifestyle diseases

Most of the lifestyle diseases are caused due to the stress and lifestyle of daily living and they are the most critical. The most alarming fact is that it can affect people of any age group. Some of the major diseases caused due to stress and lifestyle disorders are overweight and obesity ,early type 2 diabetes, early high blood pressures, PCOS, acne, hair loss , chronic headache, hyperreactive airway disease mimicking asthma,joint problems, gallstones, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, extreme loss of body weight leading to malnutrition, lack of focus and concentration , anxiety , depression , panic attacks  Increased intake of fast fatty food also aids this.

The diseases are many and the reasons too. The most important reason is the stress in the modern generation that may either be occupational or personal. The increased stress which when manhandled create habits of drinking and smoking which increases the incidence of lifestyle diseases manifold. The one and only one solution to this massacre is to culture and develop a very well, sound and healthy lifestyle which suits the profession, behavior and the environment of the individual.

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A regular checkup helps in diagnosing any of the diseases at the early stage itself. Keeping in mind, the high cost of existing healthcare, Fayth Clinic strives to provide its patients and clientele quality-based healthcare services under one roof at affordable costs.The doctors and the paramedical staff are always happy to serve the patients in a caring and empathetic manner keeping in mind the individual needs of each patient. The warm and caring atmosphere of the clinic calms the patient and helps him/her to recover fast.  Fayth clinic ensures your health by sharp diagnosis and by providing the appropriate solutions for the same in time.

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